Computer Laptop and Tablets

We offer a wide selection of desktops and laptops to suit everyday requirements from office work to gaming. Tablets offers portability and are great for on the go access. Whether you are looking for a gift and a device that suits your needs. We carry a wide selection of products from all major brands. 


Cell Phones


Looking to upgrade your existing mobile device and don't want to be tied up with a contract to wireless a carrier, we carry a large selection of brand new and refurbished phones to suit everyone's budget from all major manufacturers. Our phones are factory unlocked and can be used with all carriers in Canada and around the globe during travel. 


Cell Phones Accessories 


Need a protective cover for latest smart phone, look no further, check out our huge selection of cell phone accessories for most make and models including iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry and more. We stock all types of accessories for your phones from cases to chargers.


Computer Accessories 

Need a new keyboard or a wireless mouse for your computer, we carry a large selection of computer accessories – keyboards, mice, cables, USB products, monitors, printers and more…